Cool Points

by Cool Points

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released September 23, 2012

recorded/mixed by Travis Arterburn
mastered by Liam Fletcher




Cool Points Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Crucial Turds
i come at a price, unwilling to barter
but i wear an apron over my armor
i will be nice if you can try harder now,
cuz i'm not fucking
stay real sweet and keep to your promise.
i'll stay mean if you can't be honest
we all wear our dignity like a crown
cuz we're not fucking
free your mind and i'll take a visit
cuz i won't pay just for you to listen
i need a voice that stands out in a crowd
cuz i'm not fucking
i've tried combinations all day
to undo the locks you threw in my grave
that doesn't mean that i'll let you shut me down
cuz i'm not fucking around

you keeping balance is keeping me waiting
i seem slow but i'm at the ready
it's a disguise that i'm always sitting down
cuz i'm not fucking around

if i'm hopeless, can i trust you?
if i fall back, will it crush you?
will you squirm if i try to touch you?
i'm just trying to approach you.
Track Name: Dangerous, But Kinda Flirty
i'm built to think. my eyes were drawn on backwards.
my field of vision is focused into my mind.
head in the sink, pretending that i'm swimming.
i love the beach but i don't want to leave the kitchen behind/

i don't want to be the friend you're making.
i'm worried that you'll think that i'm a bore.
you need to know the terms of the chance you're taking.
you need to know the weight of my bedroom door.
i don't have a path and my feet are dirty
from walking barefoot on my basement floor,
writing up my plans like a dictionary
that doesn't quite define enough words at all.

but you still think it could be fine to sit with me and waste your time.
i was either coy or lacking drive when i let you join my waste of time.